Monday, January 14, 2013

What Is A Friend?

I have so many good friends.  These are people that, for the most part have simply presented themselves to me.

There's the person who bakes bread and lets you sit in her kitchen for hours  as you cry over coffee, all the while her husband battles cancer.

There's the fella' who has the wisest mind and the smartest brain, who plays Tetris with storage lockers and releases you of guilt and shame.  He is Present (with a capital "p".)

There's the friend with whom your single parenthood and your graduate school paths have become interdependent.  You inspire one another and are, in a sense, sister/mother to one another.

There's Other Mother, the woman who takes you in and gives you sugary treats.  She is a haven in a howling world.  Her spirituality mirrors your own and yet deeply reflects the Universe that is Behind You.

The filmmaker/photographer, the unemployed hiking/writing friend, the playwrights, the actors, the designers, the art therapist (especially her with her wisdom and heart and intelligence), and then of course the Trojan horse - myself.

These people keep bringing me growth and wisdom and strength and courage and laughter and joy and creativity and inspiration and a new way of living.  These people are the ones I never want to be without.  The lesson has been about loving.  The lesson has been about self respect and self love, the lesson has been brought to me by the letter "F" and the number infinity because Friends are infinite in the potential for love.

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