Thursday, April 11, 2013


With the strength of a gladiator, I face my internal foe, my Wintery and stifled soul.  

With the swiftness of a hummingbird, I flit to a Sweet Nectar that is Life. 

With the courage of a rock in its eternal battle against erosion, I stand firm.  

With the wistfulness of a willow tree, I sigh.  

With the heart of a mother bear, I call to my youthful cub-self and say, "Come out and smell the Spring air.  Winter is over. We no longer hibernate."  

I wade in a roaring river to fish for salmon.  

The cold water breaks against my ankles. 

Even my winter coat does not protect me from the shocking cold, 

but I persist.  

For in that flowing, raging water there is Life.  

And it is mine.

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