Thursday, July 11, 2013

Phoenix to Beijing: A Filmmaker's Journey

Because my friend who is on top of everything and organized and together wants me to blog about my trip to Beijing....

I went to Beijing.  It was a business trip.  But it was a very special business trip because I won a screenwriting contest, and was flown to Beijing and treated like a dignitary and given an honor and prize.

But it was business, because I'm in the business of making myself into a professional filmmaker.  This was a step up for me from being a grad student and a local filmmaker.

The thing I want to say here as I blog about my trip to Beijing is this:

When I stood on the ground in Beijing, met with filmmakers, accepted my award, I stood on the shoulders of dozens of Phoenix and LA filmmakers.  I learn alongside these people, am mentored by some great producers, directors, DP's, actors, and crew members.  My film schooling came in the form of sweat, frustration, creative collaboration, reading, trial and error, practice, divorce, and friendship.

One of the main reasons I have not journaled or posted pictures is that this was a business trip for me.  The tourism I did was scouting, location hunting, inspiration seeking.  I didn't go to Beijing with the idea that I'd post a million pictures and tell you all about the Great Wall of China.  I went there to make a film.  And a film is being made.

So yeah, I went to Beijing.  It was amazing.  It was beautiful.  It was challenging.  It was a moment of growth.

I'll get around to posting some photographs sometime soon.

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