Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Missing Someone, But You Know, That's Okay

Dear Friend in Limbo/LA: (because I originally started this as an email to you):
I have been missing my ex-husband a lot recently.  There are reasons around it, but they don't matter.  I must constantly remind myself that it is not actually him I miss, but the way I was able to hide from my own life when I was with him.  It was so much easier to be miserable with him than to find my way along this rocky path of life.  

There are a thousand reasons to miss a person, but there is only one reason to leave.  One must leave to preserve oneself, to honor one's own path.

To leave a love, to rip a hole in your own heart is to open a pathway to a new and better version of yourself.  There is no toll, there is no expense.  It is the choice of everyone involved to grow or to remain stagnant.  The emotional toll we talk about is only the choice to remain in the past, to remain in the pain.

I am growing.

I hope, for his happiness, and therefore my happiness, that he is growing too.

I am sharing this with you because, well I am sad, and I think you get that.

Much love and remember -- the journey with all of its hills and valleys is the joy of life. 


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